Saturday 24 August 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019 - You Tube Reflections

We, as Christians, are in special danger of not heeding the instructions of Jesus. This is because, all too often, Christianity has been understood as a sterile and theoretical religion. Many of us are content with fulfilling “obligations” and with reciting prayers. We are content to give occasional alms and to separate the practice of our faith from our lives. 

Some of us think that, because we have been baptized, we are sure to enter the kingdom. However, the readings of today point out that this is far from true. None of us can take for granted that we will gain entry into the kingdom. 
It is precisely for this reason why it is important for us, as disciples of Jesus, not to be too concerned about the next life but to concentrate on the present one and to live it fully. If we know how to live fully in this life, we will be able to live fully in the next.

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