Thursday 8 August 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019 - Deut 4:32-40; Mt 16:24-28

Friday, August 9, 2019 - Deut 4:32-40; Mt 16:24-28

  1. What did the Lord show the people on earth?

  2. His right arm
    His great fire
    His strength

  3. What does Jesus say a follower must first do?

  4. Make a firm decision
    Deny themselves
    Take up their cross

  5. What will some standing there not taste before they see the Son of Man coming?

  6. Life

  7. From where did the Lord bring the people out with his presence?

  8. Samaria

  9. Who will come with his angels?

  10. The Son of God
    The Son of Man
    The Victorious warrior

  11. What does Jesus will happen to those who want to save their lives?

  12. They will gain it
    They will lose it
    They will earn it

  13. What does Jesus say a person can in exchange for life?

  14. Everything

  15. From where did God make the people hear his voice?

  16. From the clouds
    From heaven
    From the fire

  17. With whom does Jesus say the Son of Man will come?

  18. With his Father
    With his angels
    With his sword

  19. What is the message of the readings of today?

  20. If we want to be true disciples of Jesus we must be ready to deny ourselves
    If we want to be first we must be ready to be last
    To be a disciple means to sacrifice

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