Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Catholic Letters

In the New Testament there is a group of letters called "The Catholic Letters" Which are these letters? Why are they so called?

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  1. Dear Fr. Errol s.j.,
    I await your answer that you will put up later in the evening.
    This is what I managed to find ( not my own ). I personally would not want to see any questions of yours remain unanswered. This in turn helps me increase my knowledge.

    In the New Testament canon, between the Acts of the Apostles and Revelation, there are twenty-one documents that take the form of letters or epistles. Most of these are actual letters, but some are more like treatises in the guise of letters.
    Seven letters of the New Testament that follow the Pauline corpus are collectively referred to as the "Catholic Epistles." This term, which means "universal," refers to the fact that most of them are directed not to a single Christian community, as are most of the Pauline letters, but to a wider audience. The catholic letters, like those of the Pauline corpus, are also arranged in roughly descending order of length,


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