Friday 9 November 2012

The Old Testament and Jesus

Which one of the Old Testament events foretold Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross? 
(a) Moses’ lifting up the serpent in the wilderness 
(b) Moses’ ascending the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments 
(c) the parting of the Red Sea 


  1. (a) Moses’ lifting up the serpent in the wilderness


  2. (a) Moses’ lifting up the serpent in the wilderness

    1. In each case those who are to be benefited can he aided in no other way. The bite of the serpent was deadly, and could be healed only by looking on the brass serpent; and sin is deadly in its nature, and can be removed only by looking on the cross.

    2. The mode of their being lifted up. The brass serpent was in the sight of the people. So Jesus was exalted from the earth raised on a tree or cross.

    3. The design was similar. The one was to save the life, the other the soul; the one to save from temporal, the other from eternal death.

    4. The manner of the cure was similar. The people of Israel were to look on the serpent and be healed, and so sinners are to look on the Lord Jesus that they may be saved.


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