Monday 12 November 2012

Do you constantly expect thanks and praise for all the good that you do? Will you perform one act today without any expectation whatever?

If you wish to read the texts click here: Titus 2:1-8,11-14; Lk 17:7-10

These verses are exclusive to Luke and contain a parable. In the first part of the parable the disciples are cast in the role of the master through Jesus’ question, “Will any of you who has a servant…” (17:7). No one would expect a master to ask a servant to sit at table and serve him, rather the servant would be expected even after he has come from the field, to get the master’s supper ready and serve the master. Moreover, the servant will not be thanked simply because he has done what was required of him. At the end of the parable and in the relationship with God, the disciples are cast in the roles of servants. They must realise that like the servant of the parable they will also have to do all that is required of them and not expect any thanks because they have only done what was expected of them.
Very few of us regard that we have been given the thanks due to us already in the service that we have been allowed to provide. We wait for further thanks and commendations. It is not only spiritual but also prudent and practical to do what we are doing and expect no thanks at all. If it does come we accept it in all humility, whereas if it does not come we are not disappointed.


  1. Is your Second Maxim inspired by this scripture passage??


  2. >Do you constantly expect thanks and praise for all the good that you do?

    - When I do some one-off good deed for complete strangers, I expect nothing. The surprised looks on their faces are my reward.

    But when I do something that I consider above and beyond normal activity for someone I know, then yes, I like to be thanked because it makes me feel good and I like a confirmation of the difference I have made as feedback of sorts for future actions.

    I do not like being praised because I know the worth of my work. I understand the words that gush forth in appreciation are a result of something I did differently. I would rather the good that I do normally be recognised.



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