Friday, 9 February 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 1 Kings 12:26-32; 13:33-34; Mk 8:1-10

1 Kings 12:26-32; 13:33-34; Mk 8:1-10

  1. In which Gospels are two feeding miracles found?

  2. Matthew and Luke
    Matthew and Mark
    Mark and John

  3. How many baskets of leftovers were gathered after the feeding?

  4. twelve

  5. What did Jeroboam do after taking counsel?

  6. repented
    made two calves of gold
    offered sacrifices

  7. How many people were fed by Jesus in this feeding miracle?

  8. 5000
    5000 not counting women and children

  9. Who was king of Judah at the time of Jeroboam?

  10. Solomon

  11. How many days had the people been with Jesus?

  12. Seven

  13. How many loaves and fish were used in this feeding

  14. Seven loaves and few fish
    Five loaves and two fish
    Seven loaves and few fish

  15. Type your question8 here.

  16. choice1

  17. Where did Jeroboam place the golden calves?

  18. in Bethel and Dan
    In Dan and Beersheba
    In Jerusalem and Galilee

  19. What is the message of the Gospel text of today?

  20. Sharing is the Christian way
    We are trustees of this world and so must use only as much as we need
    Our God is a God of the impossible

Thanks for taking the Quiz. I hope it makes the word of God more relevant.

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