Saturday 14 December 2019

My Book - "Transformed into the Lord" - Spiritual Exercises for Laity (399 pages)

My latest book
"Transformed into the Lord" - Spiritual Exercises for Laity (399 pages)

has been published by New Leader Publications, Chennai.

The Book is divided into Six Parts and twenty chapters. It begins with a chapter titled "Desire for the Lord", takes one through the life of the Lord, including his life , mission, death and resurrection (with stops for reflecting on one's own life through spiritual exercises, scriptural exegesis and other quotations) and ends with a contemplation to attain the love of God.
The book is priced at Rs. 299 (Rupees Two hundred ninety-nine). However, for Pre-Orders (Before Friday, December 20, 2019) the book will be available at Rs. 200 (Rupees Two Hundred). Please write to me at If you are in and around Mumbai and order 20 copies or more, I will arrange to deliver them to you. I think it will be an excellent Christmas gift for your family and friends.

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