Friday 31 May 2019

Chapter Two of the Gospel of Mark

Mk 2:1-28

  1. Which king is mentioned in Jesus response about the Sabbath?

  2. Solomon

  3. Who was plucking grains of corn as they passed through grainfields?

  4. Jesus
    The disciples
    The people

  5. Which priest of the Old Testament is mentioned in Jesus' response?

  6. Ahi'melech

  7. Whom did Jesus see at the tax office?

  8. Matthew

  9. What bread did David eat when he was hungry?

  10. Fresh bread
    Stale bread
    The bread of Presence

  11. Who does Jesus say need a physician?

  12. Those who are well
    Those who are sick
    Those who have money

  13. How did the crowd respond to the healing of the paralytic?

  14. They said "We are stunned"
    They said “We never saw anything like this!”
    They said "We believe in you"

  15. Who alone was meant to eat the brad of Presence?

  16. Holy men

  17. What did Jesus first say to the paralytic?

  18. “My son, your sins are forgiven.”
    ‘Rise, take up your pallet and walk'
    "Do you want to be healed?"

  19. Besides the Pharisees who else was fasting?

  20. The scribes
    John' s disciples
    The Herodians

  21. How does Jesus refer to himself in his response to the scribes?

  22. As Son of God
    As Son of Man
    As the Messiah

  23. On what was the paralytic let down from the roof?

  24. A pallet
    An iron cot
    A wooden bed

  25. What was Levi's father's name?

  26. Joseph

  27. Who questioned in the hearts about Jesus' ability to forgive sins?

  28. Pharisees

  29. How many men carried the paralytic?

  30. Three

  31. Into what is new wine put?

  32. Old skins
    New skins
    Big skins

  33. To whom did the scribes complain that Jesus was eating with tax collectors and sinners?

  34. His mother
    His relatives
    His disciples

  35. To which place does Jesus return at the beginning of Chapter 2?

  36. Galilee

  37. On what day was Jesus going through the grain-fields with his disciples?

  38. Sunday
    Feast day

  39. Whom did Jesus say he has come to call?

  40. The righteous
    The good

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