Thursday, 24 May 2012

XLRI Jamshedpur

I leave for XLRI Jamshedpur tomorrow to give a retreat to 78 Jesuits. Of these 52 are Priests and 26 Scholastics. retreats to Jesuits are always a challenge and this will be an even greater challenge since there will be quite different age groups. However, as Ignatius says in the Spiritual Exercises - It is the Spirit that is the true Director - so I am unafraid and go into it confidently. Even so, I will need your prayers for the Jesuits and for myself. Thanks in advance.


  1. Dear Fr Errol
    The Pentacost sunday is nearing and the holy spirit will descend once again to be with us. Rest assured of our prayers today and always as the spirit descended last pentacost, infact 2000 years ago is amidst us and you especially and we can see it in your various assignments , retreats, and responsibilities that you confidently accept to make life school,college, parish, community within india and abroad enriching and filled with positive ,encouraging, full of life. Sincere thanks Fr and may God and MamaMary bless you always
    Wishing you safe journey and a spirit filled retreat to the very young and and the very young at heart Regards mario

  2. 78 retreatants - wow.

    May all the attendees strengthen their faith and return empowered with the Spirit.

    Safe travels to all of you back to your homes as well.



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