Monday, 7 January 2019

Wednesday, January 8, 2019 - 1 Jn 4:11-18; Mk 6:45-52

Wednesday, January 8, 2019 - 1 Jn 4:11-18; Mk 6:45-52

  1. At what watch did Jesus come to the disciples?

  2. Fourth

  3. How did the disciples respond to the fact that the wind ceased?

  4. They were astounded
    They were happy
    They rejoiced

  5. What happened after Jesus got into the boat?

  6. The wind ceased
    The wind continue to blow
    The disciples were calm

  7. What does John say casts out fear?

  8. Perfect love
    Perfect determination
    Perfect courage

  9. What does Mark say the disciples did not understand about?

  10. About the loaves
    About who Jesus was
    About who they were

  11. What did Jesus do after he had taken leave of the disciples?

  12. He ate his meal
    He went to pray
    He went to the Temple

  13. What does Mark say was hardened?

  14. The hearts of the disciples
    The hearts of the people
    The hearts of the enemies of Jesus

  15. Where did Jesus send the disciples after he dismissed the crowds?

  16. Capernaum

  17. What does John say is not present in love?

  18. Joy

  19. What is the message of the readings of today?

  20. Jesus is with us even when we cannot feel his presence
    Jesus subdues the forces of evil
    Jesus conquers evil

Thanks for taking the Quiz. I hope it makes the word of God more relevant. Let me know on Suggestions are always welcome.

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