Thursday 6 June 2013


Lord Jesus / on this first Friday of the month /
A day specially dedicated / to honour your Sacred Heart /
Symbol of your boundless love for us /
We pledge ourselves anew / to your service.

Teach us always / to live our lives centred on you. /
In all our endeavours / joys and successes / trials and tribulations
May we have a firm faith in you /our source of life and light./
Day by day / grant us the grace  / to know you better /
Love you more intensely / and follow you more closely.

Lord / bless each and every one of us present here /
Our families and relatives / our friends and neighbours /
You always care for our needs /
May we, then strive / to do your will /
However difficult it may be at times /
And may we find  / true and lasting peace.

Let our devotion to your Sacred Heart /
Open our hearts / to the struggles and sufferings /
Of people around us / wherever they are.

Give us that sensitivity of heart and mind /
Which made you respond so lovingly /
To persons and situations in your time /
As messengers of your peace /
help us to heal this broken world /
So that your kingdom / of love, justice and peace /
Becomes a reality in our times.

All this we ask you / our Lord and Saviour /
Who with the Father / and the Holy Spirit /
Live for ever and ever / Amen.

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