Wednesday 27 February 2013

Precious Blood Parish, Scarborough

I leave for Scarborough tonight for a Lenten Mission and Scripture Programme for the Parishioners. Kindly keep me and this Ministry in your prayers.

Rest assured of my prayers and I will update my blog even from Canada.


  1. Dear Father Errol,

    You are shedding your own blood for the Precious Blood Parish,by traveling half way around the globe to proclaim the Good News

    Assuring your of our prayers for you and the parishioners



  2. Dear Fr.Errol
    Wishing you safe journey, pleasant stay, enriching mission and may all those who hear you be filled with HIS graces and blessings.
    God continues to be with you and Mother Mary intercedes always. Thanks for all the inspiration and guidance for which we are truly grateful and thankful to you.
    Rest assured of our prayers
    Best regards

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  4. Dear Fr. Errol s.j.
    As you journey through OUR LORD'S vineyard and sow the seeds of faith and hope, may your mission be fruitful..... a hundred fold.
    May our LORD JESUS CHRIST and OUR BLESSED MOTHER MARY guide and protect you always.

  5. All the best Fr. Errol! May it be mightily annointed!

    Looking fwd to the second part of the Gospel of John & the web retreat as well!


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