Friday 3 August 2012

Will you, like John the Baptist point to Jesus through your life today? How?

If you wish to read the text click here: Jeremiah 26:11-16.24; Mt 14:1-12

Herod mentioned at the beginning of this story of the death of John the Baptist found also in Mark 6,14-29 is Herod Antipas and the son of Herod the Great mentioned in the Infancy narrative of Matthew (2,3). Though Matthew has taken this story from Mark, he shortens it considerably. Matthew’s reason for Herod wanting to kill John is the same as Mark, John had objected to Herod having married Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife. In Matthew, unlike in Mark, it is not Herodias who wants to kill John, but Herod himself. When the daughter of Herodias (who is not named) pleases Herod with her dance on his birthday, she asks for the head of John the Baptist. After burying John, his disciples go and tell Jesus about what had happened.
It is not always easy for us to take a stand against injustice. Yet this is what this text is calling us to do. In the process on taking a stand we might become unpopular or sometimes the object of ridicule. The challenge is how much we are willing to risk.


  1. Happy Feast of St. John Vianney dear Father Errol, You are a kind pastoral Parish Priest after HIS own heart


    1. Happy Birthday Father Errol

      You bear Witness to the Joy of Christ's Love'


      (Thanks Mario, Fatima and Adley for letting us know of Father's birthday)

  2. Good Morning Fr. Errol,

    Wishing you Fr. a very very happy birthday (4th Aug).

    ALL I can say today is Thank you Jesus and Mama Mary for giving us Fr. Errol Fr's Dad continues to bless him from his eternal home and his Mother Grace would have poured on more graceful blessings, as always, on him.

    We wish you Fr. a wonderful day, not just today, but the year ahead.

    You always brings a smile on our face and love in our hearts with your kindness, inspirational messages, quick replies and always find time for us however busy you may be and with a very consistent philosophy in life ALWAYS BE ON TOP OF THE WORLD in all circumstances and situations.

    May God continue to grant you the spiritual gifts and wealth by which you live your day to day life by always remaining CONTENT. Your one and only one blue T-Shirt is a sign for us that when you move we see the heavens moving. If only WE and even the Kings and Queens follow just 1% of your life style, I can say with pride there would be enough for everyone in this world and there would be no poor or needy persons.

    God and Mary bless you today and always

    Regards and Love from
    Mario, Fatima and Adley


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