Thursday 2 August 2012

Be careful of saying, “I know”, you may miss the Messiah.

If you wish to read the text click here: Jeremiah 26:1-9; Mt 13:54-58

The incident of the rejection of Jesus in his hometown is found also in Mark 6,1-6. Like Mark, Matthew too leaves Jesus’ hometown unnamed. Yet many think that Matthew may have been referring to Nazareth where Jesus grew up (2,23) rather than Capernaum in which Jesus did a lot of his ministry. While the people accepted that Jesus did indeed speak and act with authority, they wondered about the source of this authority. This wonder soon turns to a negative assessment on their part when they take offence at Jesus. Matthew {unlike Mark who identifies Jesus as a carpenter (Mk 6,3)} identifies Jesus as the “carpenter’s son” since he is interested in showing Jesus as Son of Joseph and so Son of David. In response to their negative attitude to him, Jesus speaks of himself as a prophet and identifies himself with the true prophets of Israel. In Matthew {unlike in Mark where the failure on the part of Jesus to work miracles is the result of the unbelief of his townspeople (Mk 6,6)} the initiative rests with Jesus and though able, he does not do many miracles there because of their unbelief.
We keep expecting people to behave in a particular manner and sometimes when they do not behave as we expect them to, we tend to get upset. This happens even with parents and children. While it is not a problem to have some reasonable expectations, we must also be open to change and realise that they may not always behave as we expect them to.


  1. Re : last three lines
    You are a kind and wise Spiritual Father to us all dear Fr Errol


  2. Good Morning Fr. Errol,

    Wishing you Fr. a very very happy birthday (4th Aug).

    ALL I can say today is Thank you Jesus and Mama Mary for giving us Fr. Errol Fr's Dad continues to bless him from his eternal home and his Mother Grace would have poured on more graceful blessings, as always, on him.

    We wish you Fr. a wonderful day, not just today, but the year ahead.

    You always brings a smile on our face and love in our hearts with your kindness, inspirational messages, quick replies and always find time for us however busy you may be and with a very consistent philosophy in life ALWAYS BE ON TOP OF THE WORLD in all circumstances and situations.

    May God continue to grant you the spiritual gifts and wealth by which you live your day to day life by always remaining CONTENT. Your one and only one blue T-Shirt is a sign for us that when you move we see the heavens moving. If only WE and even the Kings follow just 1% of your life style, I can say with pride there would be enough for everyone in this world and there would be no poor or needy persons.

    God and Mary bless you today and always
    Regards and Love from
    Mario, Fatima and Adley


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