Sunday, 28 November 2010

St. Peter's and Mukesh Ambani's Electricity Bill.

I am moving to St. Peter's Parish, Bandra from tomorrow and so will not be able to post on my blog for maybe a couple of days.
Having said that I must admit I was shocked to read about the Monthly Electricity Bill of Mukesh Ambani's house. In a city where we need to conserve every bit of energy that we can, here is an example of blatant disregard of any kind of concern or responsibility. It is shameful and horrid to say the least. I do hope that better sense prevails and that he will realise that millions of people in the city and country will not have electricity because of the amount he uses. While it is true that it is he who is paying the bill, one must not always consider the purchasing power of an individual but whether he really needs to use it. God grant him wisdom.

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  1. Rev Fr.Errol

    I have known you for five years and always admired your self giving to others and your wisdom of making sure food, clothing, shelther is made available to others by ensuring you consume only as per individuals NEED and not GREED or for the matter- PRIDE.

    I was suprised when I saw your post. But I can see your real concern of 7000 ordinary homes that may be in DARKNESS because of one house LIGHTED by using his own POWER.

    Best wishes to you in your responsible assignment at St. Peters, Bandra. I am sure students of St.Francis Xavier, Mumbai would be grateful to you for all you did for them.



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