Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Raining in Goa

It has been raining in Goa and I wonder what the farmers will do. The crops need sunshine to dry. Please pray that the farmers will realize that all that happens is for the best.
I have begun my course in Institute Mater Dei and there are 69 students attending it. The first day was great and the students seems very interested.
I intend to visit my Jesuit brother Francis Xavier and will say a prayer for all you at the Church of Bom Jesu.


  1. We will surely pray for the farmers in Goa, there was some light showers out here as well...and Im sure the students in Goa will enjoy your class :O)

  2. Lucky are those, who get to be your students.. and Lucky are we, who get to read you! almost daily..

    thanks a lot for posting..


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