Saturday 6 March 2010

The recent controversy regarding St. Mary's is in my opinion politically motivated and with the intent of maligning the name of the Institution and those associated with it. there is no substance in the allegations and none of the allegations have been proved. Some Newspapers will try to hype the matter and so one has to be careful how one reads what one reads. The Jesuits have been involved in Education for more than 470 years and were known as "The School Masters of Europe". Given this tradition, it is not likely that we or those who work with us would stoop to do anything that is detrimental to the Institution or dishonest.


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  2. I completly agree with Fr Errol here. I myself came from a middle class family where I could see that my parents were struggling a lot for mine and my siblings education. Being an average student I could hardly manage to get decent results in my 12th HSC board but Fr Errol still gave me the opportunity to join St. Xavier's College (Commerce). Till date after so many years I still have an edge in my life and my career because of being a part of this wonderful institute. Regarding the controversy surrounding St. Mary's people are wise enough to see the truth and not get swayed by some fertile imagination.


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