Friday, 8 March 2013


To all women (beginning with the woman who brought me into the world) and the numerous who have helped me to get so many new perspectives on life and have made it so much more meaningful, Thanks. 
For the strength, fortitude and grace of women. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for Women's Day Greetings,
    My heart overflows with joy and hope.
    Joy for the trouble and pains you take, to build a relationship with all whose lives you touch; thus infusing our lives with trust, carrying us with the Power of the Word, through life's darkest moments.

    Hope, that your scholarship and Love of Scripture which you share and transmit, is the channel of Grace bringing firstly illumination, and healing and transformation.

    Importantly, dear Father Errol, your own love for the Mother of God who intercedes, and for the encouragement, to model our own lives on the life of this second Eve who stood firmly besides her son, from Cana to Calvery

    Hence, for you, dear Father Errol, whose life' mission is centering in Scripture- A Happy Women's Day



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