Tuesday 12 May 2020

The Gospel of John Chapters 1-3

  1. What did the true light give to all who believed in his name?

  2. The power to heal
    The power to become children of God
    The power to work miracles

  3. What was the third title that John uses to identify Jesus?

  4. The Son of God
    The Vehicle of the Spirit
    The Lamb of God

  5. What was the second question to John?

  6. Are you the Messiah?
    Are you the prophet?
    Are you Elijah?

  7. With whom was the word?

  8. With God
    With the Father
    With the Spirit

  9. Who did John say is the bridegroom?

  10. The one who is going to get married
    The one who has the bride
    The one who has been chosen

  11. How did the Word dwell among us?

  12. By taking on a body
    By becoming flesh
    By assuming a human form

  13. What was in the beginning?

  14. The Spirit
    The Son
    The Word

  15. Where did the light shine?

  16. In the night
    In the darkness
    In the light

  17. Through whom did all things come into being?

  18. Through the Spirit
    Through the Word
    Through God

  19. Who was sent to ask John?

  20. Scribes
    Priests and Levites

  21. What did John say he was not worthy to untie of the one who was coming after him?

  22. His bootstraps
    The thong of his sandals
    The girdle around his waist

  23. What did the man sent by God come to do?

  24. To testify to the light
    To be the light
    To shine in the darkness

  25. With what did John say he baptised?

  26. The Holy Spirit

  27. What was the name of the man sent by God?

  28. Jesus

  29. What did Jesus say his father's house must not be made into?

  30. A den of robbers
    A haven for thieves
    A market place

  31. What did God do because he loved the world?

  32. He left it to its own design
    He sent his only Son
    he did not interfere with it

  33. Who lifted the bronze serpent in the wilderness?

  34. Aaron

  35. What did John say he was?

  36. The Prophet
    The voice of one crying in the wilderness

  37. For how many years was the Temple under construction?

  38. Forty

  39. What was the name of the Pharisee who was a leader of The Jews?

  40. Caiphas

  41. From where did Jesus say a person must be born to see the kingdom?

  42. From below
    From the earth
    From above

  43. What was the first title that John uses to identify Jesus?

  44. The Son of God
    The Pre existent one
    The Lamb of God

  45. Who did John first say he was not?

  46. The Baptist
    The Baptiser
    The Messiah

  47. Besides cattle and sheep what else was being sold?

  48. Goats

  49. In how many days did Jesus say he would raise the Temple?

  50. Forty days
    Three days
    Seven days

  51. With what did John say the one who came after him would baptise?

  52. Holy water
    The Spirit

  53. What was the second title that John uses to identify Jesus?

  54. The vehicle of the Spirit
    The Pre existent one (the one who was before me)
    The Lamb of God

  55. With what did Jesus make a whip?

  56. Of cords
    Of twine
    Of rope

  57. At what time did Nicodemus come to Jesus?

  58. In the morning
    In the evening
    At night

  59. What was Jesus speaking about when he spoke about the Temple?

  60. The One at Jerusalem
    His body
    The Temple that was rebuilt

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