Saturday 6 July 2019

Sunday, July, 2019 - You Tube Reflections

The Lord wants to extend prosperity to all nations. God wants to reclaim the world and bring it to its original glory. God has given us a glimpse of this glory by sending Jesus into the world. This glimpse of Jesus and what he accomplished in his short span of life inspires us to hope and to look beyond our present and broken world.  It inspires us to look into that new heaven and that new earth in which all will be comforted and all hearts will rejoice.

The new creation is not, however, merely a dream or a vision; it is not something that will be established only in the future. It takes on concrete reality in the community of God’s people whose lives together already testify to the reconciling power of the gospel. It is a new creation that is made visible by both the proclamation and the living out of the unconditional love of God made visible in Jesus.

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