Thursday 23 August 2018

Friday, August 24, 2018 - St. Bartholomew - Rev 21:9-14; Jn 1:45-51

Friday, August 24, 2018 - St. Bartholomew - Rev 21:9-14; Jn 1:45-51

  1. Under which tree had Jesus seen Nathanael?

  2. Sycamore

  3. Upon whom will the angels of God ascend and descend?

  4. The Son of God
    The Son of Man
    The Holy Spirit

  5. How many gates did the holy city have?

  6. Three

  7. Of which country did Nathanael say Jesus was king?

  8. Judah

  9. Who found Nathanael and told him about Jesus?

  10. Andrew

  11. How many gates of the holy city were on the west?

  12. Two

  13. What did one of the seven angles show John?

  14. The seven plagues
    The bride, the wife of the lamb
    The seven lampstands

  15. How did Jesus identify Nathanael?.

  16. A good man
    An Israelite
    A Gentile

  17. Whose names were on the foundations?

  18. The twelve apostles
    The righteous
    The friends of the lamb

  19. What is the message of the readings of today?

  20. Fundamentalism often leads to wrong decisions
    Even if we are sure about something, we must remain openness
    God reveals himself in the most unexpected of ways

Thanks for taking the Quiz. I hope it makes the word of God more relevant. Let me know on Suggestions are always welcome.

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