Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Acts 22:30; 23:6-11; Jn 17:20-26

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Acts 22:30; 23:6-11; Jn 17:20-26

  1. Besides bearing witness to the Lord in Jerusalem where else would bear witness?

  2. Athens

  3. Before whom did the Tribune place Paul?

  4. The Scribes and Pharisees
    The chief priests and the entire council
    The Pharisees and Herodians

  5. What was the allegation against Paul?

  6. He stole some goods
    The hope of the resurrection
    He lied on oath

  7. What does Jesus pray for at the start of today's Gospel?

  8. Peace

  9. Besides Pharisees which other group did Paul notice in the council?

  10. Chief priests

  11. Which group found nothing wrong with Paul's teaching?

  12. Pharisees

  13. From when did the Father love Jesus?

  14. From the Incarnation
    Before the foundation of the world
    From the time he rose

  15. Which group of Jews do not believe in the resurrection?

  16. Sadducees

  17. How many Chapters does the Gospel of Luke contain?

  18. Twenty five
    Twenty four
    Twenty eight

  19. What is the message of the readings of today?

  20. The Lord comes to our aid whenever we need him
    The troubles and difficulties of our neighbour must be as real to us as our own
    We must not give up when faced with challenges

Thanks for taking the Quiz. I hope it makes the word of God more relevant. Let me know on Suggestions are always welcome.

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