Friday 9 March 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - Hosea 5:15 – 6:6; Lk 18:9-14

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - Hosea 5:15 – 6:6; Lk 18:9-14

  1. What does the Lord want instead of sacrifice?

  2. Burnt offerings
    Steadfast love

  3. Who were the two men who went to the temple to pray?

  4. The Pharisee and the scribe
    The Pharisee and the Sadducee
    The Pharisee and tax collector

  5. What is special about the Parable of the Pharisee and Tax collector

  6. It is found also in Matthew
    It is found only in Luke
    It is found also in Mark

  7. On which day will the Lord raise up Israel according to Hosea?

  8. On the second day
    On the third day
    On the seventh day

  9. How many times a week did the Pharisee say he fasted?

  10. Thrice

  11. Which part of his body did the tax collector beat?

  12. His breast
    His forehead
    His head

  13. How much of his income did the Pharisee tithe?

  14. One tenth
    One fifth
    One sixth

  15. What does the Lord want more than burnt offerings?

  16. Knowledge of the Lord

  17. Who according to Jesus went home justified?

  18. Both
    The Pharisee
    The tax collector

  19. What is the message of the readings of today?

  20. Our actions must speak louder than our words
    We must not show off our devotion to God
    God sees all that we do in secret

Thanks for taking the Quiz. I hope it makes the word of God more relevant. Let me know on Suggestions are always welcome.

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