Tuesday 13 February 2018


The Season of Lent

This Quiz is based on the season of Lent

  1. Which is the ONLY Gospel which mentions that people carried PALM branches when Jesus entered Jerus

  2. Matthew

  3. When does the season of Lent begin?

  4. On Palm Sunday
    On Maundy Thursday
    On Ash Wednesday

  5. From which Gospel do we read EVERY Good Friday?

  6. Matthew

  7. How are the ashes used on Ash Wednesday made?

  8. Paper is burned and these ashes are used
    The palms used on the previous Palm Sunday are burned and the ashes from these are used
    Old hymn books are burned and these ashes are used

  9. Why are Sundays not counted to calculate the forty days of Lent?

  10. Because Sunday is a day or rest
    Because on Sunday, the Church celebrates the Resurrection
    Because Sunday is a holiday for most people

  11. What is another name for Palm Sunday?

  12. Passion Sunday
    Easter Sunday
    Fifth Sunday in Lent

  13. With whish season is Lent associated?

  14. Summer

  15. How many Sundays does the season of Lent contain?

  16. Five

  17. On which part of the body of believers are ashes imposed on Ash Wednesday?

  18. On the forehead
    On the palms
    On the wrists

  19. Which of these three meanings of Lent appeals to you?

  20. Leave Every Negative Thought
    Love Encourages New Thoughts
    Love Every Neighbour Truly

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