Thursday 14 January 2016



  1. I think your choice to punctuate your .. your .. whatever the appropriate term for your “online sermons”* is ... with resolution reminders in pictures at this point (i.e. well into the new year) is good because apparently, it’s around the end of the first week on average that resolutions begin to fall apart.

    *When I speak about your blog to people, I describe your posts as sermons based on the Readings and Gospel of the day.

    I have never made a new year’s resolution. Because if I want to change something about myself, I don’t understand why I should hang on until a new year rolls around and therefore, deprive myself of a better version of my being until then. I work on making the desired change when the desire within is strong enough, time of the year notwithstanding.

    Oh, I should add, I’m not into making all the changes I need to because you know? Doing anything good for me is, um, hard. :-)



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