Sunday, 3 November 2013

Retreat in Dubai - November 4 - 6, 2013

I leave for Dubai this evening to give a three day Retreat to the laity at St. Mary's Church, Dubai. Please keep the people and me in your prayers.


  1. Thank u so much father Errol.. the three days at st.Mary's has been truly amazing.. Will keep in mind always the Human aspect of Jesus and those 5 words which you explained so beautifully.. will try to live by example from now on :)

  2. Dear Father,

    This is the best retreat I have attended. Thank you for taking the time & coming to Dubai..

    Your message on the first day about 'Barter system' got me thinking...
    Thank you also for teaching us to read the bible in a different way coz you taught us relating the scriptures to our everyday life..

    Your blessings are alos so powerful....THANK U....( I too am from Mumbai)

    Thank you....

  3. I am not surprised by the good comments on Fr. Errol's retreat. I was a beneficiary of his teaching of the gospel of Mark in Saint Pius College, Goregaon, India. Though Fr. Errol insisted that we should concentrate only on the acadamic part and not be carried away on spiritual side of the learning, it was too difficult to suppress the spiritual side of his teaching. Everyday was a new experience. Even on the day of the oral exam, I learnt something from him. Thank you Fr. Errol. You are a Blessing and gift to the Church.

  4. Truly , Fredrick I agree what you say. Fr. Errol Fernandes is AVAILABLE to everyone, everywhere, everymoment, everysituation, everycircumsatances and it is such a joy that he shares the gift of THE HOLY SPIRIT with us all. He makes us rich by he himself becoming poor, just like Pope Francis wants it THE CHURCH and THE WORLD to be. SHARING, CARING for one another, especially the lame, blind, crippled, poor and needy.


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