Friday 5 April 2013

Finding God in all things

How can you constantly be in God's presence? Click on the link below:


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  1. Dear Fr. Errol

    Thank you Fr. for your simple, clear, inspiration filled talks during the last fourteen days. It is indeed an experience which made us forget about the past, not to worry about the future and just to live in the now , in the present.
    It is such a wonderful feeling to know that God is indeed always in comand, always with us, always wants us to also RISE as HE did and overcome sin, fear, death.
    It is also an opportunity to me to fill that one vacancy, space, seat and be part of the disciples in that team which already has eleven of them , and so be the twelveth. A typical cricket, football team does always have eleven ini the team but being the twelveth is always wonderful not because s/he is not good but because s/he is actually required anytime, any moment.
    It is also a challenge to believe more than unbelieve, to say yes rather than no, to do rather than not to do, to have faith and not fear, and walk in trust, confidence, hope, joy love with our Risen Lord, and with Mama Mary, always.

    Thank you Father for praying for us too, for being with us , for blessing us, for giving us the time, just as true Jesuits always do, just like POPE Francis is showing in his leadership by leading in service and for letting the world know that WE, the children of God, everyone of us, have come into this world not to be served, but serve and that external treasures are indeed prone to become corrupt and so we have to purify our hearts like Gold, the values of which are reaching out to the needy, weak, poor, needy. To learn that we indeed need only a six feet space to get good sleep and not palace, 27 storey buildings, and that to reach each others hearts to greet,meet, give peace we do not require private limousines. And also that those who are naked will indeed get something to wear if we also shun away the expensive outfits.
    Lastly the world can be a lovely place he on earth for everyone if we give peace a chance and invest in growing fruits of love rather than invest in guns for war. Give those in need our TIME rather than acquire the expensive watches , some stars wear two watches as if TIME of million dollar watch and plastic watch shows differently.
    Indeed the rich speak to the mind, but blessed are those that speak to the hearts of everyone. You do. Pope Francis too does.
    Best regards
    Fatima, Adley, Mario


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