Friday 26 October 2012

Thanks Kate

Thanks to Kate for her comments on the New look.  All the other regulars are also welcome to comment.

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  1. Why, thank you, Fr.Errol!

    My older brother is not wrong when he says that I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. That’s because, whatever thought enters my mind is spat out ... STAT!

    I have to tell you how I got here (i.e. to your blog) in the first place.

    A little over two and a half years ago, in a conversation with a friend about our faith and how we go about practising it, I told him that I cannot (read: am not ready to make the effort ... yet) attend Daily Mass, but every morning, I read the Daily Readings online for the following reasons:

    i. I find it’s a good way to channel my thoughts and behaviour at the start of the day.

    ii. It helps me learn the Bible better because I am superficially versed with the text.

    Then I lamented that the Readings themselves help me learn more about the life two thousand years ago, but I did not know how to apply those words to my own life today. Partly because the language and context are not contemporary (enough for me).

    My friend then mentioned your blog, gave me the gist, sent me the URL and said it would probably help. I came here. And I’ve been coming here every morning for over two years now.

    Your posts are like sermons, Fr.Errol. (Uh oh, that’s just the excuse I need to delay attempting Daily Mass.) You “translate” the text of the Gospel for the day. And THEN! You ask all those pointed questions.

    Those questions are good! They make me laugh, they make me squirm, they make me look around to see if you directed them at someone else, and most important of all, they make me do something about whatever-it-is.

    I know for you, each post involves effort in contemplating, writing down (or typing it out) and then posting it here. Although I was one among the silent majority for a long time, please know that your work has helped from my very first visit here over two years ago to date.

    Your posts equip me for the inevitable bumps that crop up in my path every day, they have strengthened my resolve to be a better child of God (and handle the flak I get for being more practical in my faith) and I understand the Bible better.

    For all your help towards those ends and for all the work you do, I regularly pray that God give you the good health to keep helping me (always first!) and everyone else.

    Fr. Errol, thank you.



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