Monday 30 July 2012


Today we celebrate the feast of the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola.  One quality that characterized his life above all others was his deep personal life for the person of Jesus Christ. Ignatius was so taken up with Christ that he was willing to do anything, go anywhere, and be anyone as long as he could imitate Christ. As a matter of fact, the first years of his conversion were spent only in imitating Christ in all his poverty and humility.  For Ignatius, Jesus Christ was the way, which leads all people to life. This personal love for Christ was not merely theoretical in the life of Ignatius, but characterized his whole being. He showed this tangibly by naming the Society he founded, the Society of Jesus.
In our world characterized by self-centred fulfilment, extravagance, and soft living, a world that prizes prestige, power and self-sufficiency, to preach Christ poor and humble, with fidelity and courage is to expect humiliation and persecution like Ignatius did. Yet through the intercession of St. Ignatius we know that we can move forward resolutely out of our desire to resemble and imitate in some manner our Creator and Lord Jesus Christ. 


  1. Happy Feast Fr. Errol.

    Paul Gomes

  2. Dear Fr.Errol,

    Thank you for your efforts with this blog. It’s one way for me to stay focussed.

    Prayers for you and your fellow Jesuits to continue the wonderful work you do.

    Happy Feast!


  3. Happy Feast Dear Father Errol, thanks for creating in us a desire for Christ, Many thanks for your Editorial 'The Core of Ignatian Spirituality' in the Examiner.

    Do pray for us through the intercession of St Ignatius to find God God in painful situations as well.


  4. Dear Fr. Errol

    Wishing you and ALL fellow Jesuits a very happy feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola. May you continue to live the values and follow the model St.Ignatius of Loyola. Doing which you are in turn following the footsteps of Jesus Christ. May there be many more followers and vocations to the Jesuits order.

    Thank you St.Ignatitus of Loyola for challenging St. Francis Xavier with these words "What profit is it, if you gain the whole world, and lose your soul?. The challenge so well accepted by SFX and many Jesuits.

    I did visit the website of St. Peters, Bandra and am glad to note Cardinal Oswald Gracias would also be celebrating holy mass today.

    After reading the comment of 'N' , thanks to 'N', I read your article 'The core of Ignatian Spirituality'. Based on what I read , I am so confident and happy that today indeed all preparations and celebrations out there and at all Jesuits locations/premises would be one of finding God in everyone, everything, everyplace. And truly, when we find God, the following saying is what comes to my mind.

    "The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have."

    God and Mama Mary bless you Jesuits for all the wonderful work you do and for teaching others how to live a truly abundant life

    Mario Andrew Rodrigues


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