Saturday 28 May 2011

St. Mary's S.S.C

The derecognition of St. Mary's S.S.C. (my Alma Mater) has not really surprised many of us. For months now vested interests were working towards this and think that they have succeeded. However, that is not the case. The charges are frivolous and cannot be substantiated. What is surprising that the deputy Director of Education had the gall/foolishness/call it what you will to take such a step. Truth will out and we shall overcome.

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  1. Rev. Fr Errol
    I read about this 2 days ago and was suprised. Yes Truth will triump.
    I wonder what is happenning and why it is happening and what the hell the concerned authorities are doing and why they are doing such disgraceful acts.
    My support to you and St.Marys. Regards-Mario


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